Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Mixtape of the week: The danger in your eyes

1- The Catherines - "Good Golly Goo - I Never Thought That I Could Love Someone As Much As I Love You".
2- Boosegumps - "Happy".
3- The Kings Of Tiny Things - "In The Sunshine".
4- Mammoth Penguins and Friends - "The Sailor".
5- TERRY - "Rio".
6- Butterbeer - "Listening To Another Sunny Day Makes Me Forget You".
7- The Distractions - "A Few Miles More".
8- Baby Blue - "New Girlfriend".
9- Display Homes - "Climate Change".

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  1. Replies
    1. Apologies. it seems to be an issue with Playmoss syncing This is the link to the song:

  2. thx. can/will it be fixed? i'd like to share the link on my Facebook-page, the catherines' that is ;-D

  3. I would appreciate sharing the playlist. You can also find a bunch of weekly playlist in this link