Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mixtape of the week: Why do I even care?

1- Silver Rocket - “Spinning”.
2- The Lemons - “JJ’s House”.
3- Seapony - “Saw the Light”.
4- Presents For Sally - “Wishawaytoday”
5- This Love Is Deadly - “Vertigo”.
6- Kane Strang - “Scarlet King Magnolia”.
7- Evans the Death “Sledgehammer”.
8- Surf Rock is Dead - “Late Risers”.
9- Flotation Toy Warning - “Popstar Researching Oblivion”.

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Album stream: "Poverty" by Motorama (2015)

Indie finding: "Jumprope EP" by Gingerlys (2014)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Shoegaze compilation: Leave Them All Behind - A Tribute To Ride by The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records

Album stream: "Switch Me On" by The Fireworks (2015)

Indie finding: "Promises don't last forever" by Dream Suicides (2015)

Album stream: "Chants for Socialists" by Darren Hayman (2015)

Album compilation: Souvlaki Reheated - An Italian Tribute to Slowdive by Various Artists

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mixtape of the week: I was too shy and you were so cute

1- Arsenic! - “Heart On My Sleeve”.
2- Poolshop - “Lower Now”.
3- Jessica & The Fletchers - “Walk In The Park”.
4- Easter & The Totem - “Acid Reign” (reissue - originally released in 1985).
5- Dott - “Car Song”.
6- Candelaria Varela - “Esperás, No Hay Más”.
7- Martha - “Sleeping Beauty”.
8- My Light Shines For You - “Green Bicycle Girl”.
9- Wave and So- “วันนี้เรานัดกัน”.

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From the indie archives: "Make You Blush" by Bart & Friends (2010)

Indie finding: "This Astro EP" by La Casa al Mare (2015)

Indie finding: Split 7" - Cloudland Canyon/Lorelle Meets The Obsolete (2015)

Album stream: "Under cover Vol. II" by Tashaki Miyaki (2015)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015

Indie finding: "Lower now (single) by Poolshop (2015)

Indie finding: Split 7" w/ Former Ghosts by Funeral Advantage (2015)

Album stream: "Up at Lagrange" by The Hobbes Fanclub (2014)

One of my favorite debut albums of 2014. Sadly, THF has disbanded.

Album stream: "We Come From The Same Place" by Allo Darlin' (2014)

Just in case you have not listened to this fantastic album yet.

Album stream: "Eidôlon" by Venera 4 (2015)

Indie finding: "Over Easy" by Diet Cig (2015)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mixtape of the week: You are not who you used to be

1- The Manhattan Love Suicides - “(Never Stop) Hating You”.
2- The Good Sports - “It’s Okay With Me”.
3- La Casa al Mare - “At All”.
4- Gorgeous Bully - “Dumb Ideals”.
5- Joanna Gruesome - “Last Year”.
6- TV Sets- “So Fortunate”
7- Azul Toga - “Soft Shock (a Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)
8- Varsity - "Hairpool”.
9- Baker Island - “You Are A Cathedral”. 

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Album stream: "Darling…it's too late" by Guantanamo Baywatch (2015)

Album stream: "New Alhambra" by Elvis Depressedly (2015)

New video: "In Amber" by Lorna (2015)

Free download here.

Indie finding: "Beautiful Liar" - The Bad Years (2015)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Indie finding: "Heavy Sky" by Sun Colony

From the indie archives: "Heavenly vs Satan" by Heavenly (1991)

Indie finding: "Atoms" by Sonic The Comic (2015)

Indie finding: "Hiko shrine" by The Virgance (2015)

From the indie archives: "Slumber party" by Slumber Party (2000)

A really gorgeous indiepop recording. Love it, love it, love it!!!

Indie finding: New candys as Medicine by New Candys (2015)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Album stream: "In the city" by The Honeydrips (2015)

Indie finding: "Mr Precarious" by Be Brave Benjamin (2015)

Indie finding: "Blue cheese" by Kane Strang (2015)

Indie finding: "Wildflower EP" by Dear Tracks (2015)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Indie finding: "In Letter Form Promo Set" by In Letter Form (2015)

Album stream: "More heat! More panic!" by The Manhattan Love Suicides (2015)

Mixtape of the week: I'm glad to see you go

1- The Ropes - “Love Is a Chain Store”.
2- Mountain States - “City”.
3- Wallflower - “Feverfew”
4- Princess Chelsea - “Too Many People”.
5- Venera 4 - “Red Blooms”.
6- Moon City Boys - “Rockets”.
7- Twin Studies - “Attic Room”.
8- Quarterbacks - “Center”.
9- JIV - “For You”.

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Indie finding: Three Sub​-​Fidelity Demos by JC Graves (2014)

Indie finding: "Voice​/​Hidden" by Worries (2015)

Indie finding: "On the wane" by Dry (2015)